Sunday, February 5, 2012

Tabitha Simmon's Manhattan Townhouse

Most people read Vogue for the fashion, but it was the townhouse in the February 2012 issue that caught my eye. Shoe designer Tabitha Simmons and her family have created a sleek and playful home, and it came together as a merging of their somewhat opposite tastes. He wanted modern, minimal, white, glass. She wanted rustic, colorful, detailed, whimsical. All of those qualities can be seen in the various spaces of their interior and exterior, and the contrast keeps it interesting. Take a peek:

 {This serene palette is soothing, but it's the sculptural chair, cozy sheepskin and glamorously playful light fixture that bring the room together.}

{The theater-themed boys' bedroom is the most colorful space in the townhouse.}

 {This private rooftop deck--landscaped by Miranda Brooks--looks ideal for entertaining when the weather cooperates. I love it!}

{All of that white is an art-collector's best friend. The butterfly rug from The Rug Company adds tremendous life to the room and softens the austerity. Note the groovy Gio Ponti chairs. Yum.}

{That small, faceted mirror on the wall by British artist Sam Orlando Miller is a little jewel! Simmons' shoes add all the color to this otherwise very restrained master bath.}

{This lovely patio could almost convince you that you're not in the city. }

{Sleek is the word. This clean, minimal kitchen shows restraint right down to the pendant fixtures. What a contrast to the rustic patio!}

{I don't much go for taxidermy, but this vignette shows off the gorgeous detail of this mirror.}

What do you think of this apartment? I'm not sure my dog would quite work out here, but it's a gorgeous space.

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