Friday, January 13, 2012

Flair NYC

There are lots of interesting interior shops in the world, but few are as well-curated and generally polished as Flair. The glamour and sophistication captured in their interiors/ shops is pretty high-caliber stuff--you won't find rooms like these in your average home, or even your average interior decor magazine, that's for sure. Here's a sampling:

The blend of textures, interesting objets d'art, moody palettes, and subdued lighting make for truly eclectic spaces. These spaces are ready for artists and glamourous types to lounge around in social bliss. Skin tends to look great in this kind of soft lighting, and the seating arrangements are intimate enough for close conversation while still remaining chic!

Check out some of the exquisite items Flair is currently offering (maybe lock your credit card away first...):

 {I love this little pewter elephant! It would provide great company on my desk.}

{This vintage French lacquer screen is a knock out!}

{This chrome sofa is so retro-Italian-Art-Deco meets Studio 54-in-outer-space. It could inspire an entire design scheme!}

{I love this sleek sideboard with its fantastic hardware. It's a work of art!}

{This ikat pillow offers a different pattern than the ikats we're seeing all over the place. It's quieter, but most definitely cooler, too.} 

{Another twist on a classic--the brass floor lamp. This one is artsy, not stodgy, and would add a little restrained 'jewelry' (and that famous 'Flair' lighting) to the right space.}

I'm certainly not the first to fall in love with Flair. Interior designer Ryan Korban raves about their accessories, for creating that extra layer of magic in a given space. And from the look of his design aesthetic, he's no stranger to the shop!

Images via Flair


  1. I really like the way the glamour and sophistication is captured in the room. Its just so beautiful and elegant as well.

  2. Dahhhling I could not agree more, ultra sophisticated, incredibly well curated spaces, perfect, as you say: "for artists and glamourous types to lounge".