Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Neutral Rooms by Designer Tom Scheerer

The most talented interior designers are those who can create successful interiors in a variety of styles. A few weeks ago, I posted about Tom Scheerer's refreshment of the Lyford Cay Club, which is a colorful, tropical-preppy oasis. But one look at Scheerer's portfolio and you can see that he's capable of executing beautiful work of a much more restrained variety. Take a look:

{The clean lines and neutral palette of this bedroom are a far cry from the beachy-chic pinks and browns of Lyford Cay. Yet both styles are equally soothing and welcoming in entirely different ways.}

{This vignette has a masculine, pared down simplicity by contrast to the soft femininity of Lyford Cay.}

{Old-world glamour meets high contrast mod in this urban interior.}

{The wall mural is reminiscent of Lyford Cay's show-stopping main room, and the room as a whole offers a similar mixture of textural interest and casual elegance, but with a somewhat more formal palette.}

{More masculine restraint with a touch of preppy peeking through.}

{Scheerer is known to be a lover of chocolate brown rooms. This wall color is warm and inviting while still reading as neutral.}

Tom Scheerer is clearly a versatile designer capable of working his magic in a variety of styles!

Images via Tom Scheerer's portfolio

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