Friday, July 8, 2011

Good Things, Small Packages

I am always impressed by people who manage to make small interiors stand out, because it requires using every available inch of space, attending to every surface, and bringing it all together in a beautiful, organized way. Designer David Kaihoi achieved exactly that with his East Village apartment, and the results could rival the chicness of any more graciously-scaled home. House Beautiful featured his residence on their cover last year--here's a glimpse into the space:

 {Kaihoi shares his apartment with his wife and daughter, and the color scheme certainly gives a nod to the feminine--without overdoing it. I love it!}

 {So much glamour in such a compact space! Kaihoi painted the floor pattern and even made the custom upholstered seating with built-in storage!}

 {This dining space is breakfast-friendly but maintains the moody elegance and chandelier-sparkle better- suited for an elegant dinner}

 {Just across from the dining area is the gorgeous built-in library with dressy hardware, and rolling ladder to make accessing upper shelves a snap.}

 {The floor area in front of the door was painted to create the effect of a foyer, and it works!}

 {This vignette is proof that a little attention to lighting, artwork and accessorizing paired with a lovely piece of furniture can really pull a place together.}

 {I love this green kitchen. The lack of hardware keeps it seamless, and it reminds me of another fantastic green kitchen I wrote about here.}

 {To live this way, organization is key, but that red closet interior shows Kaihoi didn't sacrifice the fun.}

{I repeat: organization is key to living well in a compact space.}

 {Such beautiful wood closet doors--and the handpainted wallpaper raises the level of the bedroom to jewelry box status. No detail was overlooked--not even the switchplate!}

{Kaihoi's daughter sleeps in this little trundle bed, which tucks away neatly during the day. I'd say Kaihoi has truly mastered the art of making the most of a compact home! Applause, please!}

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All images via House Beautiful

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  1. I love this spread! Never tire of it! Can't believe how much was DIY. Wish he'd move itno my place for awhile!