Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Miles Redd Redux II: Mr. Redd's Own Residence

Continuing on with my series revisiting the work of  interior designer Miles Redd, here's his Manhattan townhouse, located in Little Italy, as featured in the New York Social Diary a few years ago.

{This is the fantastically charming facade of Mr. Redd's Manhattan townhouse. Does anyone else in New York go to such great lengths to make the exterior of their townhouse this appealing? Very few! This article talks about Mr. Redd's inspiration for, and approach to, his home's exterior.}

 {The door color and thick, polished hardware already have my attention, not to mention the columns.}

{Mr. Redd always creates an interesting floor--and his foyer is no exception. The Frances Elkins chairs add snap, and I love the plaster palms, though they're hard to see here.}

{These zebra-upholstered doors and the punchy pink walls with red tufted sofa set the design blogosphere buzzing when Mr. Redd first unveiled his apartment.}

{Another view of the living room--once again, the floor has not been forgotten. Mr. Redd's maximalist-eclectic approach is in fine form here, offering plenty of stimulation for the eye.}
{Another seating area in the living room. No matchy-matchiness here, but strands of pink, red, black, and white as well as an animal motif unify the look.}

{Vintage glam details such as the matches and match holder in the foreground, the elegant bar tray, the blue glass hurricane candle holder, and various mirrored pieces reflect Mr. Redd's love of the glamour of the 1930's-1950's.}

{I love Venetian mirrors and fireplace mantels with architectural interest. Never the minimalist, Mr. Redd isn't afraid to pile on the family photos and greeting cards, as per his Bunny Williams pedigree.}

{For all the attention to color and the wild assortment of fine furnishings and interesting objets, this living room remains truly inviting, which is no mean feat. It was undoubtedly very studied in its construction, but manages to look as though it evolved casually as a by-product of natural living. Design success!}

 {The crisp, black and white and stainless steel kitchen provides a refreshing "visual palette cleanse" by contrast to the colorful living room. I love it! Here's a link to a short piece about Mr. Redd's kitchen, from 2005.}

{The lovely window and door (leading to the terrace) have a European feel that adds a lot of charm to the kitchen.}

{Here's his stunning terrace. That trellis and the black and white floor--dynamite! The outdoor area was featured in Domino Magazine several years ago, and was not included in the New York Social Diary coverage of Mr. Redd's townhouse interior.}

{Here's Mr. Redd in dapper attire, enjoying the other seating area on his terrace.}

{Mr. Redd designed the reflective counter tops. All of that polish will surely require upkeep, but who's better suited for such a task than an interior designer?}

{Bathroom vanity glamour and drama, old school style, complete with monogrammed hand towels.}

 {More glamour with the pairing of handpainted de Gournay wallpaper and another Venetian mirror. Mr. Redd's work has some qualities that are reminiscent of Tony Duquette's Dawnridge. If Mr. Duquette were alive today, I imagine he and Miles Redd would have much to talk about. }

 {More lovely French windows with custom lambrequins, and a custom canopy bed. Mr. Redd doesn't try to conceal his TV and media, which I find interesting. I'm definitely one who prefers concealing at least some of those items, especially in the bedroom, but it's refreshing to see that Mr. Redd plays by his own rules. For me, visual busyness= mental busyness which doesn't allow me to sleep well.}

 {Artwork and books everywhere! The large painting is by Etienne Asignat, and the small illustration is by Rene Gruau--whose work Mr. Redd cites as a big source of inspiration.}

{This photo of the bedroom captures how soothing an environment it really is. I believe the little boy is Mr. Redd's nephew, who lives on a different floor of the townhome. In addition to admiring the man's talent, must I also marvel at Mr. Redd's ability to get along with his family in close proximity?!} 

{This is the same bed by daylight. Here Mr. Redd lives as he undoubtedly envisioned, cutting a glamorous figure in an equally glamorous space. The cool blue-grey Brunschwig and Fils ticking and pale wall color establish a restful tone in the bedroom.}

 {I love, love, love that 1930's chest with its glamorous tailored lines and sleek hardware. It looks wonderful with the mirror above, and could single-handedly provide the conceptual inspiration for an entire project, at least in my world.}

 {Mr. Redd weaves his beloved black, white, red, mirroring, and animal motif themes all the way into the bedroom.}

{Mr. Redd purchased the entire mirrored bathroom as a whole, which was taken from David Adler's Estate.  I supposed not everyone would want to be surrounded by mirrors in the bathroom, but talk about glamour!}

{Even the font used to monogram Mr. Redd's bathmat stays true to the vintage glamour theme.}

{The designer at home, looking perfectly coordinated with his interior!}

New York Social Diary published many of these photographs, along with an interview with Mr. Redd. Click here to read their piece.

Here's another interview with Mr. Redd, this time by Wendy Goodman and Alexandra Lange via New York Magazine.
I hope Mr. Redd's interiors are as inspiring to you as they are to me. Happy Tuesday!

Images via Elle Decor, Google, and the New York Social Diary

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