Thursday, June 23, 2011

Interior Designer Christopher Noto's Residence

Christopher Noto's Paris apartment was featured in Architectural Digest quite awhile ago. The attention he paid to every last surface and every detail in his residence lingered on my mind long after I read the piece about the project, so I thought I'd share it here with you. I've said many times before how much I love Parisian interiors, and by that I generally mean the lovely architectural features of many Parisian homes--the casement windows, the gorgeous molding and old wood floors. Mr. Noto's pied-a-terre is no exception, and at 1,320 square feet, he has won me over with how much elegance he has brought to a small space. Take a gander:

{The designer, Christopher Noto, looking right at home--because he is! Notice the lovely marble floors and how the rich, silk curtains contrast invitingly with the wood and matte upholstery of the settee.}

 {This is one of my favorite views of the apartment. What's not to love about that fireplace mantel, inlaid marble hearth and surround? And look at all the materials and textures--mirroring, marble, natural wood, silk walls, metal sconces, herringbone floors--amazing! Mr. Noto's love of the Asian aesthetic shows in his selection of art, accessories, and those fantastic Ming Dynasty side chairs.}

{More Paris-meets-Asian-chic in the living room. I love the gilt buddha and fretwork panels--far right.}

{Again, a lovely mix of textures keeps every nook of the apartment interesting. The blend of refined items, such as the silver pieces and shimmering curtains pair in a fresh way with the simplicity of the Asian/Javanese furnishings such as the wood side table and wood framed chair shown above.}

{I love the glimpse of wrought iron balustrades through the windows, and all the light this room gets!}

{Everywhere you look, there's an interesting detail that catches the eye, like the small brass desk lamp to the left, and of course, the fact that the walls, ceilings, floors and their points of connection are seamlessly attended to. Clearly, this is an interior designer's home!}

{Mr. Noto converted the apartment's kitchen into a bath (who needs to dine in in Paris?!). What a romantic bathing experience by fireside, with those elegant floors, luxurious shower curtains, and the pristine clawfoot bathtub! The addition of the Louis XVI fauteil beside the bath is almost obscene.}

In addition to the design work he does in Singapore and Paris, Mr. Noto also owns a retail store and furniture manufacturing company called Pagoda House, which is based in Singapore. The store's website shows some of his fantastic work. Check it out!

Click here to read the rest of the details of the AD piece on Christopher Noto's residence.

Images by Marina Faust

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