Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A David Adler French Country Dazzler On The Market!

David Adler designed some very beautiful homes. One of them, in Lake Forest, Illinois, is currently on the market for a cool $7.9 million. The estate was designed in 1914 by both David Adler and architect Henry Dangler as a country house for Joseph Cudahy and his wife Jean Mortimer (of the meatpacking and salt industries, respectively). The home features 8 bedrooms, 8 baths, and offers 11,075 sq. ft. on two acres of property boasting a tennis court and a pool. While the interior decor choices would not be mine, the bones of the house and yard are truly sublime! Take a peek:

 {The front of the estate offers a chic but toned-down-for-the-country kind of facade, enhanced by elegant topiaries and other greenery. A pair of stone sphinxes flanking the entrance add a welcome spot of character. I love the symmetry here, but somehow I yearn to add some zest. Nothing too flashy, but something. Possibly an awning at the door, or a bolder door all together.}

 {The rear of the house has such dignity and symmetry! Truly a classic country house.}

 {Care for a stroll through the gardens? The grounds were at one time designed by landscape architect Jens Jensen. There's nothing like a pedigreed estate!}

{Only good tennis players fully appreciate a court with no fence to stop the ball from flying into the hinterlands, but this court's about as gorgeous as they get, short of a true grass court. I'm sure I could train my dog to fetch those errant balls.}

{All those windows and lovely french doors! Imagine what could be done with this place! The parties to be hosted...the weekend guests to invite...} 

{Replace this boring-beige tent with a restrained version of one of these, and we're off and running!} 

{Ah, herringbone floors, we meet again. Yes, I might rethink this kitchen a tad--beginning with the ceiling fixture and moving on to those curtains and countertops/ backsplash--but the potential is there, baby!} 

 {Ditto for this room--remove the frosting and the cake is divine!}

 {This room would provide the perfect setting for my imaginary orangerie to become a reality. The terracotta floor is greenhouse friendly, and the light pouring in would make the plants and birds happy as can be.}

{This would make for a luxurious library or home office, with such peaceful, green views!} 

 {I believe this patio extends from my (for now) imaginary orangerie. A lovely spot to have friends over for drinks, don't you agree? Sigh. Sadly, this house is out of my budget for now.}


  1. I want to move in! Stunning home! David Adler is one of my all time favorites and not enough people today realize how stunning a talent he was!
    Elegant and insanely sophisticated!
    Have a wonderful week!
    Jamie Herzlinger

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  3. The house belongs in a Woody Allen movie. Love it!!