Saturday, April 2, 2011

Romantic Interior Decor

 Spring means fresh flowers, rain, misty days, and blossoming romance! In honor of the season, here are some romantic rooms to inspire you to add a touch of sweetness to your space:

 Hal Williamson via House Beautiful

Here's a very soft silver and grey combination that's as sweet as can be while remaining sophisticated.
Windsor Smith.

Feminine vanity accessories like beautiful perfume bottles, pearls and gleaming silver add sparkle.

 Windsor Smith can always be counted on to add a dash of soft femininity to an interior.

 This all-white bathroom gleams thanks to the shimmering finishes. Some softness is injected via the bath tub's curving lines, the heart-shaped chair back, and shimmering chandelier.

Candle glow + soft pink + venetian mirror + distressed commode +  billowing curtain with a pop of fuschia orchid= romantic. Hal Williamson via House Beautiful

Windsor Smith 

The scenic wallpaper, curvaceous chandelier, billowy curtains, and skirted ottoman soften this space.

Windsor Smith

Windsor Smith

Cristine Gillespie

Romantic in this case means lived in and comfortable with lush greenery and attention to detail.

How do you translate a romantic feeling into your space?


  1. Stunning post!
    So richly decorated and so feminine!
    I love you eye!
    Have a great weekend!
    Jamie Herzlinger

  2. Thanks, Jamie! Such a compliment coming from you!

  3. Fab rooms! I must be a girly-girl deep down. 'cuz I'd love to live in any of these places!! Nice stuff!