Sunday, April 17, 2011

Isabel and Ruben Toledo's NYC Home

Consider this Part II of my coverage of the fascinating duo, artist and fashion illustrator Ruben Toledo, and his fashion designer wife, Isabel. I felt my blog post wasn't complete without mentioning the couple's NYC home in the flower district. The turn-of-the-century loft space houses Isabel's work rooms and studio space for Ruben, while the couple sleeps upstairs in the penthouse.

 {The generous skylights in Ruben's studio afford a view of the Empire State Building.}

{The sunny dining room doubles as a work room. It features charming little coverlets designed by Isabel to conceal cat scratches on the chairs.}

{More of the dining room-work room, with mannequin and illustrations by Ruben.}

{It goes without saying that Ruben painted the headboard and screens. That fantastic pair of streetlights were given to the couple by a friend, and originally came from the Watergate Hotel in Washington.}

{This is Isabel's work space. She uses the hula hoops to exercise.}

To me, their home is the quintessential (successful) artist's loft, complete with a great deal of character, coveted work space, and evidence of creativity bursting forth at every turn.

New York Magazine's Wendy Goodman has the full scoop here.

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  1. What an amazing place. So spacious for New York.
    Those two are very cool.