Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Romantic at Heart

I love John Saladino's work. For me, the feeling he creates in his rooms evokes something close to rustic winters in New England, summers in Italy, and a romantic sense of ancient Rome. (Minus the gladiators, torture devices, lack of proper plumbing, etc.)

{John Saladino, architect and interior designer.}

It's rare to find a designer who creates spaces that are very romantic and yet pared down. A soft, romantic room is often synonymous with billowy curtains, frills, and too many pillows with too many patterns, but not in Saladino's world. He transforms the surfaces in a space such that the quality of light resonates like a painting. Saladino has been quoted as saying, "I think of interiors as a walk-in still life, not unlike a painter who gathers objects on a table to paint, but more precisely chosen and arranged. Therefore, I see the spaces in between and consequently, I am also concerned with that which you leave out." His painterly approach is quite evident in these photographs.

{Who but Saladino can make rustic columns look so great, and not at all forced? Image via here}

 {Yes, a famous room, but worth yet another posting. Image via here}

{That pale celadon paint in the foyer adds just the right amount of color. Image via here}

{His classic color palette in full glory. Image via here}

 {Yes, the table has a voluptuous skirt, but it's done to perfection. Image via here}

 {One of Saladino's signatures is creating seating areas with table-height "coffee tables." They definitely add character, and--on a purely practical note--are very dog friendly. Unless you have a Great Dane, I suppose. Then the table might be a bit too dog friendly.}

{I love the inviting outdoor seating areas he creates. They're at once lived in and beautiful.}

 {Saladino's style evokes old world charm so fully that it's hard to imagine how he'd create a contemporary kitchen. The floors here add rustic appeal while all the finishes blend together in his signature calming, muted style.}

{Saladino's attention to detail around walls and edges elevate his work to a high level. Image credit here}

{Saladino is an architect, too, after all. So let's not forget his fantastic exteriors! Patricia Gray posted a nice profile of Saladino's architecture and garden design. Click here to see it.}

{This space is from Saladino's own home, a restored ruin in Montecito, CA, which he carefully worked on over a period of five years. His book, Villa, traces his process.}

 {Another image from Saladino's home, from the book, Villa.}

{This is an interior shot from Saladino's apartment. Purple seems to be his favorite accent color. Image via Cote de Texas}

{Saladino's Montecito villa kitchen. Rustic meets cutting edge. Image via here}

{Another shot of Saladino's villa. Image via here}

In 2009, Saladino was asked to create a space inspired by a film. He chose director Peter Webber's The Girl With The Pearl Earring, which explores the life of Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer. There's a wonderful post about it over at A Thoughtful Eye blog, which really demonstrates Saladino's painterly approach to interior design. You can read about it here.

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